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About DK Legal Practice

Company’s Mission

Relaxed Atmosphere

DK Legal Practice provides a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, where you can feel at ease during the settlement or resolution of your case.

Educate Our Clients

It is DK Legal Practice’s mission to educate you in every aspect of your case and related matters.

Great Communication

Company’s believe is that good communication between yourself and its staff is the key to your ultimate satisfaction in the service you receive.

Giving Back to the Community

At DK Legal Practice, it is strongly believed that educating its clients and community is a preferred method of success. Daisy regularly teaches Law Courses at Metro College of Technology.

Solving your case in a timely and efficient manner!

Welcome to DK Legal Practice where the company strives not only for excellence in the legal profession but also for that personal touch you deserve.

DK Legal Practice welcomes its clients in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you need a Small Claims Matter, a Landlord and Tenant Board or a Traffic Ticket Representation, DK Legal Practice is serving your case!

Professional representation from a Licensed Paralegal

DK Legal Practice is a Paralegal Company serving the clients in Toronto and GTA. Completely client oriented, the company goal is to provide legal services with advanced and progressive legal solutions.

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According to The Law Society of Upper Canada your legal representative needs to possess a P1 licence. The permitted areas of practice in which a Paralegal holding a P1 licence could represent his client are:

  • in Small Claims Court
  • in the Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act
  • with a summary conviction offence under the criminal code of Canada
  • before a federal or provincial tribunal
  • before a person dealing with a claim under section of the Insurance Act, acting as a Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) representative
  • Immigration matters

A person with a Paralegal licence can do the following in the course of representing a client in any of the above-mentioned forums:

  • give legal advice with respect to legal interests, rights or responsibilities with
  • respect to a proceeding or the subject matter of the proceeding
  • draft or assist with drafting documents for use in a proceeding
  • negotiate on behalf of a person who is party to a proceeding

Paralegals are not permitted to represent someone in Family court. As well, services in areas such as corporate law, wills and estates are not permitted, unless performed under the direct supervision of a lawyer.

Daisy Yordanova

I Am A Paralegal Who Truly Cares About My Clients

Originating from Bulgaria, Desislava (Daisy) Yordanova has the passion of a hardworking mother, and entrepreneur. While studying in Bulgaria she graduated with a diploma in International relations and quickly started up her own language school. After graduating from the Paralegal Studies program at Everest College she set her sights high, rather than taking the easy route and applying for a position at another practice she decided to push forward and start DK Legal Practice.

With years of experience under her belt she has dealt with a long list of conflicts and resolutions regarding traffic tickets, landlord and tenant claims, and small claims court issues. There is no case too big or too small for her to handle. The key to her success is not in her wins inside the court room, but her ability connect with her clients and truly understand the situation. At DK legal practice, working with Daisy means working with the best, try it yourself and call today 416-906-6663.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients With DK Legal

  • I caught the owner of my unit twice in my apartment without my consent showing off the unit and then forcing me to pay more money for rent or he would evict me. I met with Daisy and she helped me fight off my greedy landlord!

    Richard A.

    Richard A.


  • I want to thank you for all your hard work and persistence in my legal case. This incident has been a real eye opener to me, and I hope that it can help out others in a similar situation.

    Thanks again for all your help!




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